Everyone Sucks At First

Three years ago, I decided I wanted to be a graphic designer. I knew nothing about Adobe products, the rules of design, or typography. Everything was new to me. My first designs sucked. 

The first design I created in Adobe Illustrator. I might as well have used paint. What was I thinking?!

But, everyday I spent time learning. Then my designs sucked less. I started figuring out new styles and layouts and that sometimes less is best. A gradient here. A better font combination there. I just knew, if I learned a little each day, I’d get better. And I did…

My most recent email signature 3 years after downloading Adobe Illustrator. I’d say I learned a thing or two.

Everyone must go through the sucky period. That’s just part of starting something new. But if you start now, you can get the sucky part over with and focus on becoming great.

Three years ago, I downloaded Adobe Illustrator and watched my first YouTube tutorial. Today, I am a legitimate graphic designer with a full-time graphic design business and a growing client list. I solve problems for clients in a variety of industries that value my design skills.

If you want to do something new, stop overthinking it and just start!


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