File Types

Not sure what file type does what? I’ve got you covered. Here are the main file types I work with and what they mean:

JPEG is the most common format used by digital cameras and images living on the World Wide Web. Best places to use it: images for web design, social networks, and photo portfolios.

PNG is a high-quality file format used for images. It has a transparent background. Best places to use it: logos, websites photos, social networks (profile pictures, posts, and cover photos).

PDF is used for online documents and printing purposes. Best places to use it: online forms, documents and printing services.

SVG is a format commonly used to save and display vectors. Vector what? Vector art graphics are digital illustrations that are based on geometric shapes. They are created using a vector illustration software, like Illustrator. Best places to use it: Graphics on your web design, illustrated assets for your business (logo, icons, diagrams illustrations, etc.).

Summary: For the most part, when sending your logo or a picture to a graphic designer, a PNG or PDF will work. A SVG is the best file you can send so it can be easily manipulated on our end. Always ask a designer for the SVG or native file so you can send it to a different graphic designer if things go south with the original designer. JPEG images are a little more difficult to work with, but the graphic designer may be able to work some magic.

Hope this helps!


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