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Gravois Graphics ranks 38th out of 1,732 web design companies in Louisiana

I've started learning more about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to better serve web clients in the near future.

While researching my own site, I stumbled upon this ranking site. I'm blown away by how I currently rank without really putting much SEO effort into my own site.

I attribute this to my Google My Business ranking and word-of-mouth from my current clients, family, and friends.

So thank you for helping me become one of the top 50 web designers in the Louisiana!

Here is how the rankings work on this particular site:

"After carefully reviewing 1,732 "candidates" relevant to the 4,663,243 people living in Louisiana (in 431 cities and 510 zip-codes), we selected the most relevant 133 top web design companies/freelancers for our "Louisiana Web Design" market-share analysis."

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