Look for lemons and start making lemonade

Written for struggling graphic designers everywhere...

It's time to innovate.

As designers, we are natural problem solvers. We find creative solutions for customer's problems all the time. We have the ability to see things that most can't. While the economy is struggling, now is the time to turn that creative problem solving inward. Now is the time to look for lemons and make lemonade.

Here are a few lemons I'm currently squeezing for cash right now:

E-Commerce Sites

You already know what looks good. All that is left is learning the technical part of building websites, which isn't that technical if you use a site-building platform like Wix. With shops closed due to CoVID-19, they need a way to sell items to survive. Contact your local businesses that sell physical products and set them up for success.

Custom Resumes

The economy sucks. I mean reaaallly sucks. And in South Louisiana where I am located, the oil & gas industry is tanking too. Layoffs are currently taking place and are unlikely to cease in the next few months. Unfortunately this lemonade tastes of someone's misfortune, but these same individuals need your design and layout knowledge. You may be thinking, "it's easy to make a great-looking resume. Anyone can do that" Well yeah. It's easy for you! But there are plenty of "graphically-challenged" folks who would happily pay you to create an outstanding resume that separates them from the countless other applicants applying for limited job openings.

Custom Video Conference Backgrounds

Each one of these lemons may only make you a $10 glass of lemonade, but who doesn't love easy money. Throw someone's face on a Joe Exotic background for their next friends hangout or put someone's logo on a professional background for their next company conference call.

How are you making lemonade out of lemons?

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