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Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are a fast and convenient way to visually learn about topics.

As I find information that helps me become a better business owner and designer, I like to create and share short video tutorials showcasing my findings. I also post all of these video tutorials to my Facebook page. If you enjoy learning the little things, you’ve come to the right place!

How to properly search for a png

My previous post about file types can be found here, but simply put, a PNG is the technical term for pictures with a transparent background. Easily search for just these using the built-in tools Google provides.

Have you ever double-clicked the formatting tool?

You may know how to use the formatting tool, but do you know about the double-click feature?

Remove the background from a picture in PowerPoint

You’ve found the perfect picture for your project, but it has that pesky background surrounding it. Here is how to remove it using a simple PowerPoint tool.

Adding photos to PowerPoint using photo album

If you are uploading pictures one at a time then resizing them for a rolling picture slideshow, there is an easier way.

Outlook Quickparts

Send the same email every day? You are going to love Quick Parts.


Pick out the perfect palette for your business using Coolors.

Search just PDF logos using Google

This one is for all the graphic designer’s that create artwork for companies. If the Word document with the logo is the best you’ve got, try searching the companies website for a PDF logo with this easy trick.

Don’t double space

Stop the madness! If you learned to double space after a period, you no longer need to. If you are the person that needs to fix a document with double spaces, there is an easy way to do it. 


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